ParentsCanada recognizes there is a huge gap when it comes to parenting resources for dads, and without that support many dads struggle with feelings of anxiety and insecurity. So, with that in mind, we’ve teamed up with men’s health charity Movember to help address this issue. On our site, you’ll find parenting strategies that actually work, as well as links to excellent resources like Family Man—a new online tool aimed specifically at dads. No one ever said parenting would be easy but it’s also one of the most rewarding challenges we will face in our lifetimes. So, grab a coffee (or a beer) and read on, ’cause this hub’s for you!

Dads, You’ll Love These 11 Parenting Strategies

More and more engaged fathers are taking on equal parenting responsibilities, and more and more women are prioritizing their careers—and yet, fathers still have limited support. Here's some tricks and strategies to help.

How Dads Are Updating The Script On Fatherhood

It wasn't so long ago that fatherhood had a straight-up Don Draper mentality. Now, more and more dads are flipping the script on their expected roles, taking paternity leave, being stay-at-home dads and pushing away breadwinner expectations.

An Interview with Canadian Family Man Todd Talbot of TV’s Love It or List It

Let’s just admit it: Being a dad isn’t exactly a walk in the park. But being a dad during a pandemic? That’s basically Mission:...


Kids are requesting more snacks, entertainment and attention than ever before. But you can get through this without completely sacrificing your sanity.

1. Divide up the house for different functions and put a map on the fridge.

Assign adult-only and child-only zones, and designate quiet places and noisy, rough and tumble areas.

2. Hold a family meeting.

Brainstorm and schedule activities for the week.

3. Rediscover the love.

Bring back the laughter and joy…

(Check out the full list at

Five Things I Wish I’d Known Before Blending a Family

In the high wire act that is parenting, blending a family can be one of the trickiest manoeuvres you’ll face.

Dads, Bonding With Your Baby Will Happen

Moms and dads experience bonding with baby differently. Sure, breastfeeding is an advantage, but that's not the only way to build a relationship. Dads, don't despair, here are tips to help.

From childhood to adulthood: The origins of mental health struggles

Aussie-based Professor Mark Dadds (yep, his real name!) is the mastermind behind Movember’s Family Man a new online tool aimed at helping parents (especially dads)...

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