ParentsCanada recognizes there is a huge gap when it comes to parenting resources for dads, and without that support many dads struggle with feelings of anxiety and insecurity. So, with that in mind, we’ve teamed up with men’s health charity Movember to help address this issue. On our site, you’ll find parenting strategies that actually work, as well as links to excellent resources like Family Man—a new online tool aimed specifically at dads. No one ever said parenting would be easy but it’s also one of the most rewarding challenges we will face in our lifetimes. So, grab a coffee (or a beer) and read on, ’cause this hub’s for you!


Kids are requesting more snacks, entertainment and attention than ever before. But you can get through this without completely sacrificing your sanity.

1. Divide up the house for different functions and put a map on the fridge.

Assign adult-only and child-only zones, and designate quiet places and noisy, rough and tumble areas.

2. Hold a family meeting.

Brainstorm and schedule activities for the week.

3. Rediscover the love.

Bring back the laughter and joy…

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