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  • Chocolate Pudding

    Chocolate Pudding

    Take it old school with this cornstarch chocolate pudding. Most of the ingredients are already in your pantry, so you can satisfy your chocolate craving whenever it strikes. 

  • Glowing Rainbow Smoothie Bowl

    Glowing Rainbow Smoothie Bowl

    Kids love this smoothie bowl, and you can get them involved in its preparation by asking them to help choose and add toppings! 

  • Cream-Poached Salmon With Greens

    Cream-Poached Salmon With Greens

    Cream as a poaching liquid for salmon is simple but indulgent—it makes a luxurious sauce, but you still get the benefit of omega 3s and a healthy dose of leafy greens.

  • Roasted chickpeas

    Roasted chickpeas

    These tasty treats are easy to make in minutes. All you need is an inexpensive can of chickpeas, a bit of oil and some spices. They're addictive as a snack and are great in place of croutons in a salad or to top a bowl of soup. 

  • Onion Carbonara

    Onion Carbonara

    Carbonara is the best for good reason. Bacon, cheese, and egg make such a fine, creamy sauce together. When you slice an onion into long ribbons and steam them, the ribbons taste clean and sweet, all their fire washed away.

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