• Festive Fig & Hazelnut Brioche

    Festive Fig & Hazelnut Brioche

    This festive fig and hazelnut brioche loaf can be made with any kind of dried fruit and nuts - it's baked in a bread cloche, to capture steam and create a perfect crust.

  • Turkey Hand Pies

    Turkey Hand Pies

    Chopped leftover turkey can be packaged up with any number of ingredients – leftover veggies and gravy work particularly well – to make pies kids can eat out of hand, or you can tuck into their lunch box. Alternatively, use cooled turkey tetrazzini to stuff your hand pies.

  • Michael & Anna Olson's Sausage Poppers

    Michael & Anna Olson's Sausage Poppers

    These tasty treats by Michael and Anna Olson are perfect for holiday entertaining - easy to prepare, and not as spicy as you might think.

  • Layered Blueberry Hazelnut Cheese Wheel

    Layered Blueberry Hazelnut Cheese Wheel

    Who doesn't love a warm brie? Rather than bake this one, you spoon warm blueberry compote in the middle and on top of this brie, making it a little less sloppy but no less delicious than a traditionally baked brie.

  • Leftover Turkey Noodle Salad

    Leftover Turkey Noodle Salad

    Got leftover turkey? Try this crunchy Ichiban noodle salad - like a bowl of chicken noodle soup in salad form!

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