Delicious and nutritious food swaps

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Tired of the same old Tuesday taco night? Looking for a way to spice up your family’s fare? Not only are these food swaps quick and easy but even your pickiest eater won’t know they’re healthy.

If You Love: Flour tortilla wraps

Try: Large lettuce leaves like Romaine

Why it’s good: Not only will this cut calories but it’s also great for families with gluten or wheat allergies. Kids will love creating their own fajitas and you’ll love that they’re getting a healthy dose of Omega-3, protein, calcium, iron and vitamin K.

If You Love: Baking with eggs, oil, butter or even sugar

Try: Applesauce

Why it’s good: Cookies, cakes, muffins or banana bread get an allergy-friendly makeover when applesauce is swapped out for the fats in recipes. Plus, a one cup serving of unsweetened applesauce can add fibre, potassium and vitamin C to any sweet treat.

If You Love: Breaded chicken or fish

Try: Rolled oats instead of bread crumbs

Why it’s good: Most kids love chicken fingers and an easy switch adds plenty of goodness to this fan favourite without sacrificing flavour. Coat chicken or fish with rolled oats and a bit of seasoning to add fibre, B vitamins and iron to meals.

If You Love: Pasta

Try: Spaghetti squash

Why it’s good: The light flavour of the squash won’t take away from the taste of your favourite sauce. Spaghetti squash has fewer calories than pasta and is packed with nutrients like iron and vitamin B6.


Originally published in ParentsCanada magazine, April 2015.

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