• Vegan blueberry “cheesecake”

    Vegan blueberry “cheesecake”

    Although there is no cheese involved, you would never know it.  Cashews soaked overnight then blended create a lusciously smooth and creamy filling, with dates and pecans standing in for a nutty crust.  Top it off with whatever fruit is in season and you really can’t go wrong.

  • Ginger molasses cookies

    Ginger molasses cookies

    Not to be confused with a gingersnap cookie which are usually very crispy and spicy, these cookies have just the right blend of spices with the richness of molasses and the zing of crystallized ginger.

  • Quick Skillet Jam

    Quick Skillet Jam

    It’s a myth that preserves need to be made in large batches – with a basket of berries on hand, or a few that are starting to get too squishy to eat on their own, you can mix up a single jar of jam to keep in the fridge and dip into for a few weeks.

  • Berry Cookie Pizza

    Berry Cookie Pizza

    A giant cookie makes the perfect vehicle for berries in season; serve it in slices like a pizza – if you want to be fancier about it, call it a tart.

  • Almond cookies

    Almond cookies

    With just 3 ingredients, which I usually have on hand, these will be in my cookie rotation for years to come.  They are slightly crunchy on the outside and satisfyingly chewy on the inside – I think best described they are the Italian cousin of a French Macaron.

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