• Berry-Mango Smoothie

    Berry-Mango Smoothie

    Wanna know why we love this smoothie? Milk and yogurt provide protein and a small amount of fat—add a spoonful of nut butter to boost it further—while berries and oats deliver complex carbohydrates and essential nutrients, including vitamin C. Oh, and it's also delicious.

  • Upgrade your lemonade stand

    Upgrade your lemonade stand

    DIY lemonade can bring your lemonade stand up a notch - and you can flavour it with fresh herbs from the garden, or colour it pink with grated beets!

  • Staying hydrated with homemade sodas

    Staying hydrated with homemade sodas

    Hydration is important - being able to make your own sparkling water and flavour it with homemade simple syrups makes staying hydrated easier.

  • Tips for Healthy Hydration

    Tips for Healthy Hydration

    Hydration is important -  here are a few ways to make water more inviting!

  • The need for balance in my life

    The need for balance in my life

    Over the last few weeks I’ve been feeling more and more overwhelmed and off balance. This time of year should be about family and togetherness, but instead I feel like I’m constantly behind and trying to catch up.
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