Ginger-squash muffins

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Grated raw squash behaves
like grated carrots in these
moist muffins; try a thick neck
of butternut squash or chunk
of pumpkin, which is easier to
grate than more awkwardly shaped


1 1/2 cups (375 ml) all-purpose flour
3/4 cup (185 ml) packed brown sugar
2 tsp (10 ml) baking soda
1 tsp (5 ml) cinnamon
1/4 tsp (2 ml) salt
1/2 cup (125 ml) canola oil
2 large eggs
1 tbsp (15 ml) grated fresh ginger
1 tsp (5 ml) vanilla
1 1/2 cups (375 ml) grated raw winter
squash, such as butternut or pumpkin
1 cup (250 ml) plain yogurt
1/4 cup (125 ml) chopped walnuts,
pecans, raisins, dried cranberries, or
a combination of dried fruit and nuts


1. Preheat the oven to 400°F. Line a 12 cup
muffin tin with paper liners.

In a large bowl, stir together flour, brown
sugar, baking soda, cinnamon and salt.

In a smaller bowl, whisk together the
oil, eggs, ginger and vanilla. Add the oil
mixture, grated squash and yogurt to the
dry ingredients and stir with a spatula until
almost combined; add the nuts and/or
dried fruit and stir just until the batter is

Pour the batter into the prepared muffin
cups, filling them almost full. Bake for
20–25 minutes, until golden and springy
to the touch.

Makes 1 dozen muffins.

Per muffin, made with 1/4 cup each
walnuts and raisins:

219 calories,
11.7 g fat (1.3 g saturated, 6.6 g monounsaturated,
3.8 g polyunsaturated),
35 mg cholesterol, 24 g carbohydrate,
4.6 g protein, 1 g fibre.

Originally published in ParentsCanada magazine, October 2013.

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