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In days gone by, the harvest season was marked with preserving fruits and vegetables for the long winter months. It may not be a necessity anymore, but it’s a delicious way to make summer last a little bit longer.

Although home preserving is making a comeback, there are still many who are intimidated by the process of making jams, jellies, chutneys and sauces. Angst over jam not setting properly and the pressure to properly seal jars for long-term storage often prevents would-be jammers from giving it a try.

Good news: making your own preserves is not really as difficult as it sounds. And if you’re nervous about the canning process, you can opt for freezing your finished product instead. Traditionally, preserving is done at harvest time, when seasonal fruits and vegetables are abundant and at their peak. Back when preserving was a necessity, the goal was to put up enough produce to keep a family fed through the winter. Though that’s obviously not necessary these days, there’s no reason you can’t make smaller batches of your favourite preserves – enough to last you a week, a month, or just a meal. When you retrieve a jar of sunny tomato sauce or perfect plum jam from your pantry in the bleak midwinter, you’ll be happy you did.

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