Side Dish

  • Butternut squash latkes

    Butternut squash latkes

    These tender, savoury pancakes are a quick, tasty way to cook up squash; serve them as is, or alongside roasted meat or fish.

  • Chickpea flatbread with crispy shallots

    Chickpea flatbread with crispy shallots

    Perfect as a casual appetizer, warm from the oven everyone will quickly gather around. For dinner with guests, paired as I did, with a big pot of clams in broth with leeks, chorizo and cherry tomatoes it was a big hit.  Works well as a pizza base too!

  • Fresh Berry Salsa

    Fresh Berry Salsa

    Berry salsa bursts with colour and flavour – it’s quick to stir together and delicious served over grilled chicken or fish, or served with tortilla chips.

  • Summer green vegetable salad

    Summer green vegetable salad

    With summer gardens in full bloom for the season, this Summer Green Vegetable Salad is the perfect vehicle to use up whatever happens to be ripe in your garden now.

  • Kohlrabi and apple slaw with harissa dressing

    Kohlrabi and apple slaw with harissa dressing

    The beauty of coleslaw is that you can julienne almost any vegetable and make a slaw – it doesn’t always have to start with leafy green or red cabbage.

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