5 Quick fixes for feeling healthier

When it comes to keeping your kids healthy,
it seems like you need to be a mathematician.
There’s the minimum 60 minutes recommended
activity each day, five to 10 fruits and veggies each
day, maximum screen time allowances. How do
you make it add up?

We’ve got some easy ideas
you can do right now, and don’t forget to read about
How can we improve our children’s health in the future?

To simplify your family’s health strategy,
we asked Dr. Michael Dickinson, chief of
pediatrics at Miramichi Regional Hospital in
New Brunswick, to share fi ve things parents
can do now to boost their child’s health.

Promote good sleep habits

We know children and
adults who get a good
night sleep tend to be
healthier, are less likely
to be obese, have better
performance in school,
have less behaviour
problems and so
developing good sleep
habits in our kids is
important. If your child
is struggling with sleep,
talk to your pediatrician
or family doctor about
ways to improve your
child’s sleep habits.

Serve more fruits and vegetables

Aim for a fruit at every
meal and one veggie at
lunch and two veggies at
supper. That’s probably
vastly more veggies than
the average Canadian
gets in their diet and
it still barely meets the
recommendations from
Canada’s Food Guide.
For most children it
would be an increase
over what they’re getting.

Eat dinner together

In families who have
dinners together, the
kids tend to be healthier,
less likely to be obese
and tend to do better at
school. There are a lot of
social reasons for doing
it too, such as promoting
communication and
family bonding.

Practise good hygiene

Regular hand washing
with soap and warm
water not only gets
rid of germs, but also
further prevents the
spreading of germs, he

Get a flu shot

This is the best prevention
method to ward off
influenza and flu-associated

Originally published in ParentsCanada magazine, February/March 2013.

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