5 tips for an active long weekend

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Get off your couch and embrace the spring weather this Victoria
Day weekend. Enjoy an active long weekend and have fun with the family
with these 5 simple tips courtesy of the folks from Sport Chek.
Be active together. Rather
than going for a walk with your adult friends, take the kids. You may
miss out on the latest gossip, but you’ll be instilling an active
lifestyle into your kids’ daily routine.
Encourage your kids to participate in extra-curricular sports.
 Sports are a great source of exercise and provide a social outlet for
your kids. How do you get your exercise while they play? Walk up and
down the sidelines.
Ignore the weather. Spring and summer are bound to bring thunderstorms.
But that doesn’t mean you have to spend rainy days on the couch. Have a
dance party with your kids or play a round of hide-and-go-seek indoors.
Choose an activity everyone enjoys.
Sounds simple, but it requires more thought than you think. Talk to
your kids to get a sense of what they’re really interested in.
Avoid using the car whenever you can.
If the kids’ soccer game is a five-minute drive away, leave a little
earlier and go out for a walk. If you want to head to the library, enjoy
the breeze while biking there.

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