Family Sun Care Tips

  1. Apply sunscreen on your kids
    at least 15 to 30 minutes before they race outdoors, whether it’s a
    cloudy or a sunny day. Banana Boat® UltraMist® Kids Tear-Free Sunscreen Continuous Sunscreen Spray is a fast and convenient way to get them covered before they slip away.
  2. Make sure to reapply
    sunscreen frequently, at least every two hours, and more often if
    children are dipping in and out of the pool, ocean or lake—or running
    through the sprinkler.
  3. Remember that children
    imitate their parents. If they see you putting on sunscreen, they are
    more likely to cooperate when it’s their turn.
  4. Make sunscreen application a
    part of the daily routine. That way you’re likely to encounter fewer
    struggles, and you’ll be teaching your kids a life-long healthy habit.
  5. If your child falls asleep
    during that lunchtime picnic or while out on the beach, apply one or
    more of the following protection solutions. First, spray them with an
    easy-to-use sunscreen like Banana Boat® UltraMist® Kids Tear-Free Sunscreen Spray. Then, either provide them with some shade, carry them inside, or cover them up.
  6. Sun protection can be easy with Banana Boat® Sunscreen Kids Stick SPF 50, which is great for covering those vulnerable spots like ears, nose and under-eye area.
  7. Always use products designed specifically for the sensitive skin of babies and kids. The Banana Boat® Brand offers a wide variety of products that are tear free for quick and easy application.

Brought to you by Banana Boat.
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