Get more Vitamin D this winter

By ParentsCanada staff on December 20, 2012
As we lose daylight and the cold of winter hits, Canadians tend to hibernate into the warmth of the indoors. Thus, in winter months when the sun’s rays are much weaker, some of us become Vitamin D-deficient, according to Statistics Canada.

“Vitamin D is vital to Canadians, who often don’t get enough because of our northern latitudes,” says Rosie Schwartz, registered dietician, ParentsCanada nutrition columnist, and author of Enlightened Eater.

The ‘sunshine’ vitamin is produced when ultraviolet rays of a certain intensity from sunlight strike bare skin and trigger vitamin D synthesis. It helps prevent osteoperosis in adults and children and emerging research shows potential benefits for certain cancers, diabetes, allergies and more.

In Canada, major sources of vitamin D are fortified foods like cow’s milk and margarine, and natural sources found in fish like tuna and sockeye salmon, and  yolks.

Now you can get an extra dose of vitamin D with your eggs. Golden D eggs are produced in Ontario and British Columbia and contain three times more vitamin D than a regular egg. They also have enhanced levels of vitamin E, B6 and B12. Now that brings new meaning to the phrase sunny side up!

Originally published in ParentsCanada magazine, February/March 2012.

By ParentsCanada staff| December 20, 2012

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