Healthy Me Week: Day 1

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Keep your child active, healthy and media smart with ParentsCanada‘s tips and recipes. Find out more about what Healthy Me Week is about.

Benefits of being active

Can’t find the right sport for your kid? Don’t fret. There’s more to be gained from simply being active.

Getting active with LifeSports

Watch Kym Grippo and Janet Omstead, personal trainers at LifeSports, show you how to easily get your child active with some tape and a driveway.

Healthy recipe

Quinoa cakes

Try these delicate, healthy grain cakes that are perfect as an appetizer to any meal. 

Web-savvy family: Recognizing video game addiction

By: Lynn Hargrove, Cyber mom and director of consumer solutions, Symantec Canada
“Massive multiplayer online role-playing games” or MMORPG, is an increasingly popular activity among kids – especially boys. Because they’re so immersive, these games can also be highly addictive and a distraction from your kids’ real lives.
Signs your child may be addicted to gaming sites include:
  • playing for long periods of time
  • lying about time spent gaming
  • school work and relationships experiencing a negative impact

Action plan

Set rules with your kids about the amount of time they can spend on these sites, set limits on how much money they can spend on memberships or gaming accessories, and any other concerns you might have.

Have “The Talk” with your kids today.

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