Healthy Me Week: Day 3

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Keep your child active, healthy and media smart with ParentsCanada‘s tips and recipes. Find out more about what Healthy Me Week is about.

Stop, drop & Play: 10 ways to take 10 minutes with your kids

Turning off all your gadgets, stow away the laptop and phones and enjoy some quality time with your child.

Getting active with LifeSports

Watch Kym Grippo and Janet Omstead, personal trainers at LifeSports, show you how to easily get your child active by adding a fun exercise while playing basketball.

Healthy recipe

Get your greens soup (a.k.a. Shrek swamp soup)

Any number of vegetables can go into this soup that will give your child all the greens they need.

Web-savvy family: Keeping social networking safe

By: Lynn Hargrove, Cyber mom and director of consumer solutions, Symantec Canada
Sites like Facebook provide a place for kids to connect with friends, share photos and news. But it’s important to remind kids that these sites can expose them to cyberbullies, cybercriminals and even identity theft.
Action plan
  • Teach your kids never to post anything private or misleading on these sites – once it’s out there, it becomes public.
  • Always “friend” your kids on social networking sites.
  • Teach them not to friend strangers
  • Encourage them to keep pages private, so only invited friends can find them on the site.
  • Review account privacy and security settings together
  • Highlight the importance of thinking before clicking and downloading and, of course, maintain up-to-date security software.
Have “The Talk” with your kids today.

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