Healthy Me Week: Day 5

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Keep your child active, healthy and media smart with ParentsCanada‘s tips and recipes. Find out more about what Healthy Me Week is about.

Putting the fun back into sports

Parents feel pressured to have their kids practise more and more to keep up with all the other kids signed up for the same sport. When is it too much?

Getting active with LifeSports

Watch Kym Grippo and Janet Omstead, personal trainers at LifeSports, show you how to easily get your child active with ‘The Alphabet Challenge’.

Healthy recipe

Tofu junket

This yummy breakfast offers a strong, protein punch for the kids.

Web-savvy family: Avoiding inappropriate online relationships

By: Lynn Hargrove, Cyber mom and director of consumer solutions, Symantec Canada
While we’d like to think our children are using the Internet only to connect with family and friends, there’s a very real chance they’ll encounter strangers online – through message boards, social networking sites or online games. 
Action plan
  • Make sure your children know they must never email, chat, or text message with strangers
  • Make sure they know it’s never okay to meet an online stranger in the real world.
  • Make sure they understand that someone they see or meet online is still a STRANGER, no matter how often they see them online.
  • If a stranger approaches your child online to talk about sex, report it to Canada’s National Tipline at or 1-866-658-9022.
Have “The Talk” with your kids today.

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