Healthy Me Week: Day 6

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Keep your child active, healthy and media smart with ParentsCanada‘s tips and recipes. Find out more about what Healthy Me Week is about.

Let your child play

Sometimes all a child wants is unstructured play time. Read why.

Getting active with LifeSports

Watch Kym Grippo and Janet Omstead, personal trainers at LifeSports, show you how to easily get your child active while hanging from the monkey bars.

Healthy recipe

Mac & cheese with white beans

Serve your kids this comforting dish with a bit more protein.

Web-savvy family: Limit screen time for health and wellness

By: Lynn Hargrove, Cyber mom and director of consumer solutions, Symantec Canada
The Internet is a great place for kids to research school projects, play games and communicate with friends and family through social networking. But spending too much time in front of a screen – whether it’s a computer, tablet, smartphone or television – can be damaging to their health. Lack of exercise is a leading contributor to childhood obesity, so make sure your kids are living a balanced lifestyle and logging off to get active! 
Action plan
  • Set rules around the amount of time they can spend online, playing video games or watching television.
  • Make sure you don’t exceed your own personal screen time limits.
  • Offer active alternatives to screen time that you can do as a family.
Have “The Talk” with your kids today.

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