Infectious Diseases: Pinkeye


Pus coming from the eye, if the pinkeye is caused by bacteria. If it is caused by a virus, the discharge will be more watery. The pus may make the eyelids stick together. There is a scratchy or painful feeling in the eyes, and the whites of the eyes turn pink or red. Your child should see a doctor if he has these symptoms.


Pinkeye is an infection of the covering of the eyeball, usually caused by a virus, but sometimes caused by a bacterium. Can also be caused by allergy, exposure to chemicals and other irritants around your child.


If caused by bacteria, treated with antibiotics and warm water compresses. If caused by a virus, treated with warm water compresses only.


Spread when an infected child touches discharge from his eye and touches another child, when a child touches an infected child’s eye and then touches his own eyes, or when an adult wipes an infected child’s eyes and then touches his own or another person’s eyes. If your child’s eyes have pus, he should stay home from daycare or school until he has been treated with antibiotics for at least 24 hours.

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