Infectious Diseases: Thrush And Diaper Rash (Candida Infections)


Thrush appears as a whitish-gray coating on the tongue and on the insides of the cheeks and gums. It is not easy to wipe off, and trying vigorously may leave the tissue bleeding and raw. Most infants don’t have pain or complications with thrush. Candida diaper rash is very red, with a clearly defined margin and small red spots close to large patches. It tends to appear in the deepest part of skin creases in the groin and buttocks.


Candida is a fungus that causes and infection of the skin or mouth. When the fungus infects the mouth, it is called thrush. rush is a common infection in young children still in diapers. It may occur after a child has been treated with antibiotics for another infection.


Your child’s doctor will prescribe medication. To prevent diaper rash, change your child’s diaper often. During diaper changing, wash your child’s diaper area with mild soap and warm water, rinse, then dry. Wash your hands and your child’s hands well after the changing. Also, let your baby stay out of a diaper for short times to let her skin dry. For thrush, sanitize your child’s bottle nipples by boiling them for 10 minutes.


Apply ointment, if prescribed, to the rash and wash hands carefully after the diaper change.

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