Products to battle lice in your home

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Over 12 million children are affected by head lice each year and unfortunately, most parents can’t avoid it.  

September is National Head Lice Prevention month and ParentsCanada gathered some products that will help you deal with lice in your home.

Products to prevent lice

Secret Spray Away

Use this spray to scare off the lice in your home. The lemon-scented, environmental cleaner breaks down grease and can be used on any surface. Spray it on helmets, hats, clothes, couches and car seats to prevent lice contamination.
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Kleen Green Naturally

Keep your family lice-free with this natural, non-toxic cleaner, it’s also great for removing mould, germs and odour. It’s safe to use around children, babies and pets.
$65.95/900 mL
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Lice prevention pack

Once school starts be proactive with this lice prevention kit. Keep lice away with Licender’s all-natural repellent by spraying it on your child’s head and neck. The pack also includes a non-toxic mousse and natural oil for extra protection. The products are safe for infants and pregnant women.
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Products for dealing with lice

“Essentials” lice kit

This kit contains everything you’ll need to get rid of your child’s lice. The package includes Licenders’ naturally-made products such as hypoallergenic shampoo and natural oil that will prevent lice from feeding and laying nits. It also includes a metal comb, hair clips and a small towel.
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Power Light

You won’t need to strain your eyes looking for hard-to-find lice with this Lice Squad tool. This high-wattage light will illuminate any area of your child’s head to help you remove lice and nits.
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Nitpickers Identifier

Is it lice or a speck of dust? This tool’s high magnification makes finding lice simple. Its portable design is perfect for on-the-go use. Kids can use the compact tool to learn about lice and its prevention.
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