Homeopathy & Kids Health

Many parents look to supplement their child’s health care with homeopathy, an age-old practice used in many parts of the world, in conjunction with a doctor’s care. Together with Homeocan, ParentsCanada has created this useful information hub to address some of the most common ailments children face.

Homeocan KIDS 0-9 –
Trusted by mothers! The Kids 0-9 product line was created to provide parents with unique, homeopathic remedies designed with the health of their children in mind. A wide range of symptoms can be treated with no added sugar and non-drowsy natural products that cause no side effects. They’re easy to take and provide effective relief. This Canadian brand has won over Canadian mothers dedicated to the health and well-being of their children.

How to Help a Teething Baby—Naturally

You can’t avoid teething! But you can make it easier on your little one with age-old tips and tricks to soothe sore gums.

How To Help Babies Get More Sleep

Are you the sleep-deprived parent of a newborn? Welcome to the club. Good news: There are things you can do to help.

Here’s why you should get more vitamin D in your life

Vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium efficiently so that it can grow and maintain strong bones and teeth.

Is It OK To Let Your Baby Cry It Out?

There's a lot of opinions when it comes to letting a baby cry it out. Two moms and an expert weigh in.

Considering homeopathy for kids

Read on to better understand homeopathic solutions and benefits, for a range of daily ailments.

7 tips to make it through your baby’s first cold

Treating a baby’s first cold can be stressful. Here's how to identify it and ways to help bring relief.

Go back to school naturally with Homeocan

Back to school is an important time in the life of a child. To avoid small ailments that...

Ways to help when your baby has colic

If your baby won’t settle, it could be colic. Here’s what to do.

Cough and cold season: Finding relief naturally

With the season change to the colder months (and it’ll happen again when the warm weather returns!), kids often come home with a cough...

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