Corned Beef Hash

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My mom brought a couple packets of corned beef over for brunch this past weekend, and when few of us made it due to a sudden and heavy snowstorm, hardly any of it was nibbled. (What was eaten was by me – on toasted bagels spread with Boursin cheese – one of my new favourite lunches.) My Dad wondered aloud if anyone ever made corned beef hash anymore, and it occurred to me how easy it would be to mix up a batch to top with a poached egg for a quick, inexpensive dinner. (Or to mix up for a crowd for a leisurely Sunday brunch!) And if you’re looking for St. Patrick’s Day food ideas, it’s a good fit, too.

If you foresee corned beef hash in your future, pop a few potatoes into the oven if you have it on in the days before – I like to take advantage of heat while I have it, and baked potatoes will lay in wait in the fridge until you need them. Having them already cooked makes a skillet of hash extra speedy.

Corned Beef Hash

3-4 Yukon gold potatoes, boiled or baked

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