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Editor's letter

Since having kids, spring holds new meaning for our editor-in-chief, Katie Dupuis.


Family Room


#putdownthephone: Naturally dyed Easter eggs

Try this DIY craft using colourful kitchen scraps.

Birthdays 101: Tips for a first birthday party

First birthdays are a big deal — you deserve to celebrate having a year of parenthood under your belt. We've rounded up our best tips for hosting the best party ever.

Insider's guide: Walt Disney World for adults

The world-famous theme park isn't just for the kids. Here's why you should still get your Mickey Mouse fix as adults.

Real talk: 7 signs you're obsessed with your phone

Spending too much time scrolling and not enough time being in the moment? We can help.

Touchy subject: Do you let your kids see you naked?

Two parents face off on whether it's appropriate to be nude in front of the kiddos.

Vacationing With Babies And Toddlers: Beaches Does It Right

We checked out the three Beaches Resorts in the Caribbean—Beaches Turks & Caicos, and Jamaica’s Beaches Negril and Beaches Ocho Rios—and got the scoop on the best services on offer for busy kiddos and exhausted parents.



Mind + Body


You should know about: Hand, foot and mouth disease

Many parents panic when the dreaded hand, foot and mouth disease notice gets posted at school and daycare. Here's what you need to know (and go wash your hands, right now!)

#wetriedit: Weighted blankets

If you have a kiddo who struggles to catch the adequate amount of zzz's (or if you do yourself!), a weighted blanket might help. Learn why, and check out our picks for everyone in the fam.

Health feature: End meltdowns with meditation and mindfulness

Self-regulation is a challenge for many young children, and parents struggle to help. But mindfulness — which is a method of centering and meditation -- could help. Read on to find out more.

Why I chose HIGH FIVE for my kids' camps

How could I possibly ensure the quality of a program before enrolling my kids? The prospect seemed daunting, but learning about HIGH FIVE made it easier.



Kitchen Table


#yucktoyum: Butternut squash fries

Who says French fries are only for potatoes? Try our squash version for a healthier take on a kid fave.

Supper is solved: Y&Y Chicken pot pie chowder

All the flavour of chicken pot pie without the work (no pastry here!) means the perfect weeknight dinner.

Excerpt: Yum & Yummer

There's a reason Greta Podleski's Yum & Yummer has been on the bestselling cookbook list for more than a year. The recipes are so delicious, super easy and perfect for health-conscious families. Read on for a selection of dishes you're sure to want to add to your culinary repertoire.


Growing Up


Pregnancy: Dealing with sleep problems during pregnancy

The last thing an expectant mama needs is trouble catching zzz's. We're here to help.

Baby: How to tell if a later walker is cause for concern

Little ones find their feet at all different times (though we know it's hard to wait!) but it doesn't hurt to talk to the doc if you're worried.

Toddler: Constipation 101

There are lots of reasons your kiddo might be having toilet trouble. Here's what you need to know.

Little kid: 10 misconceptions about learning disabilities

Many misperceptions circulate about learning disabilities. Some are rooted in the confusion and controversy surrounding numerous labels and complexities. Others result from a less-than-full awareness of advances in our knowledge of learning disabilities, as well as learning styles and differences.

Big kid: A rundown on kids and braces

It used to be that braces were a rite of passage for many adolescents. But in recent years, seeing an orthodontist has become common in children as young as six or seven.  




#parentprofile: Bruce Sellery

Personal finance expert, keynote speaker and news anchor Bruce Sellery calls Toronto home. Read on to find out his favourite pockets of the city. 

Neighbourhood: The Junction

Named for the four railway lines that run through it, this western neighbourhood of Toronto has a lot to offer. It's a popular 'hood for families so parks and kid-friendly restaurants abound.

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