Raising Davis: Who is Influencing Your Child?

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Davis, three, is chirping, “Rock on, party peeps!” He knows the lyrics to Miley Cyrus songs and thinks that his shirt looks ‘nasty’…so, I’m guessing that spending time with his eleven-year-old sisters is rubbing off.

He loves listening to the same music as his sisters and watching the Family Channel. This would explain a lot of the behaviour lately, including my learning how to do ‘props’. For those of you who don’t know what ‘props’ are: Make a fist and bang knuckles with another person’s fist while saying, “props.” (I am learning more each day.)

Just when I think Davis can’t wait to grow up, he comes home from daycare and refuses to go to the potty. He claims that he is a baby like his younger colleague at daycare. He begins to whine, point and hold up his arms and communicate as if he doesn’t know how to speak – just like a baby. When I insist that he use words like a big boy, he defiantly lets me know that he is a baby and that is that. Well, at least for today.

I am beginning to think that mood swings aren’t exclusive to raging hormones and menstrual cycles. Davis is all over the place with his reactions and emotions. He has so many people influencing him. One day, he is rescuing pretend animals because he is ‘Go Diego Go’. The next day, he tells us he is going to play hockey like his Daddy and he wants to go to school like his sisters. My husband, Paul, will cringe at this one, but I have caught him trying on my high heels to see if he can walk like Mommy and go to work.

We are all influencing Davis in some way. He is experimenting with various behaviours and attitudes as if they are clothes to put on and wear for a while and then try on something else. He is going to make up his emotional wardrobe using all of our best stuff. At the end of the day, he will decide what is going to fit and what is ‘so last season’. He will take from all of us and make it his. It’s going to be fun to watch and there definitely will be lots of laundry from the cast offs! Rock on, Davis. Props! PC

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