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16 Questions to ask at a private school open house

Open houses are held most frequently in the fall, but many schools hold them throughout the school year. You must register for these events, usually through e-mail. Some schools will ask for some basic information about your child, such as the grade your child would be entering.

First, listen to what the staff members have to say to the gathering. Then, ask any questions on the list below they haven’t already answered.

1. How is this school governed (independent board of governors/trustees or owner-operated)?

2. Is it for profit or not-for-profit?

3. What criteria do you use to decide whether to admit a student – are academics most important?

4. How soon after applying will I know if my child was accepted?

5. How much is the tuition for the grade my child is hoping to enter?

6. What is included or not included in the tuition?

7. What is the average class size and class size cap?

8. How do teachers monitor a child’s academic progress?  How will teachers intervene if my child needs extra help?

9. What’s the ratio of teacher to students?

10. How do you make sure you have committed, qualified staff?

11. What is your record regarding placing students in university over the last three to five years?

12. Do most kids get into the programs they want?

13. How many and what types of extracurricular activities do students have to participate in (sports, arts, community service)?

14. What facilities do you have outside classrooms to support the activities?

15. What do you do to prevent bullying?

16. How is bullying dealt with if it happens?

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