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  • Our Unstructured Summer Time

    Our Unstructured Summer Time

    I encourage my children to read, play, create and activate their thinking on their own terms and based on their own interests. Katie now 12 enjoys volunteering at the pool and reading, Andie 10, researches and creates experiments in the kitchen while Beckett 8 enjoys swimming, reading and playing outside. When I do find a book or an activity that all three children can enjoy, I am quick to add it to our home library or toy room.

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  • Summer Rules! A double entendre.

    Summer Rules! A double entendre.

    My own kids are in a few week-long camps later this summer and are really looking forward to them. Other than that, during the day, it's me, and them, and only 90 minutes of screen time allowed.  So here we are, already three weeks into summer, and I've decided we need to establish a few other summer "rules" as well. These are as follows...

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  • Great Summer Reads

    Great Summer Reads

    Whether you’re on the beach, sitting by the pool, relaxing inside on a rainy day or snuggling before bedtime, a book is the perfect accessory. Here are a few summer must-reads for the whole family.
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  • Summer Assignment: EXPLORE YOUR WORLD!

    Summer Assignment: EXPLORE YOUR WORLD!

    Keep kids active, engaged, and learning all summer long, with fascinating nonfiction books from Nat Geo Kids. These summer boredom-busters are filled with fun facts, compelling photography, creative ideas, and interesting activities to nurture kids’ curiosity about the world and all that’s in it.

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  • Campers not-so-happy? Don’t despair!

    Campers not-so-happy? Don’t despair!

    Here are some tips for handling homesickness, and steps to take to avoid it in the first place.

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