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Getting Around With The Munchkin Sparrow 

The Munchkin Sparrow stroller is the perfect travel companion for families with young kids. You’ll never second-guess taking it anywhere.  

Anyone who has ever attempted to take small kids on a trip knows the thought process that goes into taking a stroller. You weigh the pros and cons of carting a cumbersome piece of gear along—it will make for easier days, sure, but where do you store it? Do you have to check it as baggage on airplanes? Does it make sense if you’re taking transit? The list goes on, and you often end up making a game-time decision on your way out the door.  

But when you make the Munchkin Sparrow stroller a part of your life, the answer to the question, “Should we take the stroller?” is an overwhelming yes. Keep reading to learn more about this baby and toddler must-have, with its genius compact design and smart features.  

The smallest stroller on the market Size is almost always the main consideration when deciding to travel with a stroller. No one wants to spend their vacation wrestling with a piece of equipment. The Sparrow, though, is the perfect lightweight, collapsible stroller for families on the go. Measuring just 15” x 14” x 6.25” and weighing under 13 pounds, the Sparrow fits easily into the trunks of most cars, and into the overhead bins on most airplanes (seriously!). It can also be easily tucked out of the way at events or in restaurants.  

Toronto tip: Not all subway stations on the TTC are stroller-friendly. With the Sparrow, you can simply scoop your baby or toddler into your arms, collapse the stroller and head for the underground.  


Safety Always Comes First 

Your little one is always Munchkin’s top priority. The Sparrow includes a fivepoint harness, which is a safety must, as well as a sunshade and a breathable mesh headrest to prevent sun exposure and overheating. The Sparrow is safe for babies and toddlers up to 55 pounds and 41 inches.  

Convenience Is Key 

This stroller was designed with both kids and parents in mind. With no assembly required, this stroller can be removed from its handy carrying case and popped open pretty much anywhere. The easy forward fold motion is super intuitive, so you’ll have the hang of it in no time. Just unfold and go! Traveling with kids can seem daunting, but the Munchkin Sparrow makes it easy to yes to adventure. Your best summer ever awaits. 

Product Add-Ons

Go Change Designer Diaper Change Kit 

As a parent, you need to be ready to change your little one’s diaper anytime and anywhere. The Munchkin Go Change Designer Diaper Change Kit has you covered for any diaper emergency. This stylish and compact kit is perfect for both home and on-the-go diaper changes. 

C’est Silicone! Snack Catcher 

Introducing the C’est Silicone! Snack Catcher. Crafted from 100% food-grade silicone, it’s perfectly sized, gentle on little hands, and fully collapsible for convenient storage and travel. The flexible crumb-trapping flaps and secure handle enable toddlers to feed themselves confidently with significantly less mess. 

Portable Mini UV-C Sterilizer 

Babies always seem to drop things in the dirtiest places at the most inconvenient times. This portable UV-C sterilizer is the perfect solution, sanitizing pacifiers, bottle nipples, and more in under a minute, allowing you to quickly get back to your day. This compact device safely eliminates over 99% of bacteria and viruses, including E. coli, Salmonella, and Influenza, using only UV light. Independently tested by labs, it ensures your baby’s items are clean and safe. 

You can find all these amazing items and so much more from Munchkin at Walmart.ca  

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