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6 Top Toy Picks For Little Kids

6 Top Toy Picks For Little Kids - Parents Canada

If you have a little kid in your life—under the age of six—choosing toys they’ll love can be a bit of a guessing game. So, with that in mind, we’ve pulled six surefire hits from national retailers for all different kinds of fun, from building blocks to ride-on toys and more. 

Flip for art mirror and flashcard set - parents canada

Flip for Art Mirror and Flashcard Set
Why we love it: This is the perfect tummy time toy for infants. High contrast patterns are great for visual development. Prop up the mirror while they’re on their belly on the floor and watch your baby stare in awe at themselves. We love the portability, too—tuck it into your diaper bag when out and about and you’ll always have something entertaining to offer. $22, Chapters Indigo

Spinagain - parents canada

Why we love it: A new spin on the classic stacker, kids will drop the coloured discs onto the threaded corkscrew pole and watch them spin. Take the pole out and watch the discs spin off. This visually stimulating toy is great for toddlers to work on hand-eye coordination, early engineering skills and colours. Plus, it’s made of coated, BPA-free plastic that’s safe for little ones. $45, MasterMindToys

Smartmax - parents canada

Why we love it: The perfect first magnet set for toddlers and a great STEM toy for preschoolers, this pick allows children as young as age one to experience the wonders of magnetism. Chunky magnetic pieces are easy for small hands to manipulate. This toy can grow with your child and be used to build all sorts of towers and structures, encouraging creativity and early engineering skills. $75, Chickadee Kids Co.

Crayola scribble scrubbie pets arctic snow explorer playset - parents canada

Crayola Scribble Scrubbie Pets Arctic Snow Explorer Playset
Why we love it: Encourage creativity and imaginative play with this fun art set that kids can use over and over again. Colour the pets, wash them, then colour again (it’s literally rinse and repeat!). $24, Amazon

ALEX Toys Little Hands Button Art
Why we love it: A great colour-matching toy that works toddlers’ fine motor skills and creative play, this toy features chunky buttons that easily snap in and out of place. Toddlers and preschoolers will love completing the 10 brightly-coloured pictures. — $27, Amazon

Hape crane - parents canada

Hape Crane
Why we love it: Do you have a child who is fascinated with things that go? Or with all things trucks and construction? This toy encourages hours of imaginative play, with working parts and accessories perfect for setting up a construction site at home. $67, Amazon

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