Making the medicine go down

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Any parent knows how hard it is when their child is sick, but sometimes, getting them to take their medicine is even harder. 
Toronto pediatrician Dr. Beverly Kupfert has a few suggestions: 
Oral medication: Fill a syringe to the prescribed amount, tip your baby back to a 45-degree angle, and slowly administer the medication. For older children, use the spoon or cup provided with the medication, not a kitchen spoon. 
Eye drops/ear drops: Two people are required if possible – one to hold your child still, and the other to administer the drops. For older children, a positive reward, such as a sticker, is an easy incentive for cooperation. 
Suppositories: Helpful if your child is vomiting and not keeping medication down. Lay your child on his or her back, bring the knees up and gently insert the suppository.

Originally published in ParentsCanada magazine, February/March 2012.

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