So your kid’s in a cast… now what?

By ParentsCanada staff on March 24, 2013


Not only are fractures and breaks painful for little bones, but thinking of ways to keep your little one entertained for the next six weeks until the cast comes off can seem an impossible task. Here are a few ways we’ve discovered can make life with a cast tolerable for your kid – and you!

  1. If you have a hunch before heading into the ER that young Tommy may need a cast, take a second to Google a few images of what casts look like so he won’t be afraid while the cast is going on.
  2. If your little one is old enough for pre-school, school or daycare, talk to their teacher about setting aside some time in class so their classmates can sign the cast. Send along some colourful markers (washable for little ones).
  3. Focus on the activities your child can still do rather than the ones they can’t. A broken arm doesn’t mean they need to lie in bed all day. Take this opportunity for family nature walks, an afternoon treasure hunt or to spend the day wandering around your local aquarium or museum.
  4. Load up on his or her favourite things but try and stay away from screens as long as you can. A gift basket full of toys, puzzles, colouring essentials and their favourite books can be a great way to help them pass the time.
  5. Invest in a waterproof cast cover. Showers and baths will be less of an awkward battle with both sides losing.

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