The 7 gross things your kid is bound to do

By ParentsCanada staff on March 24, 2013
Sure there’s nose picking, but aside from that your little one will find more ways to gross you out before they reach their fifth birthday. Here are a few you can expect to come your way:
  1. They’ll eat dirt.
  2. Your child is a mini-Houdini. Crayons will somehow manage to fit in every orifice possible.
  3. Take boogers to the next level. Besides eating them, you will find these green bits of grossness on your sofa, carpet, in the car, in your child’s hair, and other unsightly nooks and crannies.
  4. Anything and everything will become a napkin.
  5. Mix juice/milk/water with their entire plate of food creating a soupy mess you wouldn’t touch with a 10-foot-pole. They will find this delightful and chow down.
  6. If it’s on the floor and resembles food it will, undoubtedly, become food. Luckily, their iron stomachs should be able to digest that three-week-old cheerio.
  7. The words “put your clothes back on” will become part of your daily vocabulary as your little exhibitionist strips down anywhere and everywhere.

By ParentsCanada staff| March 24, 2013

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