Timeout With Nanny Robina: Handling Nosepicking

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Time Out With Nanny Robina
How do you stop children from picking their nose and, worse, eating it?

All behaviour has a consequence, so don’t just say, “That’s yuk! Stop!” Instead, teach your child that boogers are not for eating for two reasons: one, people watching will find it disagreeable and two, it’s a great way to transfer germs. A child picks his nose because there is something there that’s bothering them. Explain that when you need to clean your nose, use a tissue, blow your nose and throw the tissue away.
Explain how his little finger up the nose is now full of germs and needs to washed. Sometimes a
child will pick his nose just because he needs to be doing something, so keep his hands busy. If
he really needs to pick it then tell him to do it in private and then wash his hands.

Published May 2010

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