Timeout with Nanny Robina: Helping Your Child Stop Crying

By Nanny Robina on April 19, 2010
Time Out With Nanny Robina
The slightest offence seems to set my daughter to tears. What can I do?

As a nanny I have experienced this more than once! Perhaps your daughter has a problem controlling her emotions and needs a little help. Or perhaps she’s trying to get attention and you have been giving her too much attention. If her crying has reached the stage where she has lost control and cannot regain it, assist her with quiet, calm talking and breathing techniques. Remove her from the area, if possible. Sit beside her and say, “Take a deep breath, now stop
crying. Try to breathe slowly and stop crying.” Use a firm no nonsense voice. Stop as the sobs
start to subside. Continue to say, “Calm down and stop crying. Stop crying now.” A family I had been a nanny to tells me that the youngest of the children now uses this technique on the older children when they go off in a huff! Also teach your daughter to calm herself with deep breathing or counting to ten when something upsets her.
Things that seem trivial to us can be devastating to a child, but the sooner they learn to roll with life’s little hiccups, the better.

Published May 2010

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