Timeout with Nanny Robina: Keep It In The Diaper

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Time Out With Nanny Robina
My two-and-a-half-year-old grandson plays with his feces. We have tried to tell him that it’s “yukky”, but with no success. Yesterday, I took one of his favourite toys away and explained to him that if he touches his “poop” again, that grandma will take away other toys. I realize that it may be a phase, but I would like to stop this bad behaviour. Any suggestions?

First, rest assured that this is fairly common behaviour, particularly with toddlers because this age usually coincides with toilet training. Don’t get irritated. Just explain in very simple terms that the feces is full of germs and it can make him sick. To help you deal with this phase (and yes, it is just a phase), try keeping your grandson in a one-piece sleeper instead of two-piece pyjamas, then put it on backwards making it impossible for him to undo and get access to his diaper.

Published June 2010

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