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You’re the Expert: Bedtime Routines

You’re the Expert: About Bedtime Routines

We asked you about your bedtime routines and how you put your children to bed. Don’t these descriptions make you want to cuddle up for a nap?

With our three-year-old we like to sing a few short songs (a couple with Daddy, and a special one with just Mommy – in my mother-tongue, which is not English). Sometimes we learn a couple of new words in my mother-tongue, then we take turns praying to God. Sometimes Daddy stays for that.
Vera, burlington, Ont.

Our son is just an infant right now so it’s a pretty simple routine. A little quiet time and pats on the back, in case there are any burps left. Lay him in his crib, let him squirm about if he needs to then bundle him up, kiss him and say our goodnights.
Catherine Wong, Calgary

My boys still have a bottle before bedtime, so their routine includes having their bottle, reading a few board books and some quiet play before having their diaper changed, their teeth brushed and being put in their cribs by mommy and daddy.
Jennifer Yarde, Mississauga

We tell the boys it’s time to go to bed. Go upstairs. One gets into PJs and climbs in bed and is fast asleep within 20 minutes. The other child is wide awake, playing with hockey cards or reading. I turn off the lights, then he comes to tell me something. I send him back to his room and he comes back five minutes later to tell me something else. This goes on for at least one or two hours some nights.
Joy Sparling, Gatineau

My husband taught me how important a regular bedtime was when my oldest was a baby. Every night, the boys brush their teeth, hug dad, head upstairs with a story from mom and then go to bed. I nurse the baby to sleep and then my oldest gets ten minutes of cuddling and chitchat. Works great!
Kathryn Lavallee, Lumsden

Snack, brush teeth, use toilet/change diaper, put on PJs, read one to two stories, kisses and hugs goodnight. Sometimes one of us will lay with our child for a while, too.
Jennifer Boston, Sault Ste. Marie

My son usually has a tantrum before going to bed and then he tires himself out. I read books to him, and then he feels sleepy!
Michelle Yeh, Richmond Hill

Published in June, 2011.

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