Ruh-roh, this gender reveal party caused a massive wildfire

Gender reveal parties are growing in popularity and becoming more and more elaborate. Is TLC working on a series called My Big Fat Gender Reveal Party yet? If not, we call dibs.

This particular fire-starter of a party happened in Arizona in April 2017, but is just now sparking media attention after the off-duty Border Patrol agent, Dennis Dickey, pled guilty to causing the 47,000-acre wildfire and was ordered to pay $220,000 in restitution for “causing a fire without a permit.”

OK, back up the bus. How does one start a massive wildfire that costs the state of Arizona $8.2 million (800 firefighters working around the clock for close to a week to be able to fully put it out)?

What was supposed to be a joyous celebration took a turn when the dry Arizona heat mixed with Tannerite, an explosive substance, the 47-year-old dad-to-be was shooting to reveal a coloured powder—blue for boy, pink for girl—caused a fire.

Dickey allegedly reported the fire right away, but winds made it spread quickly. Thankfully there were no injuries.

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