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Holistic healing at bNatural Health & Wellness Centre in Oakville

When my family and I first moved to Oakville we knew very little about the community services, wellness centres and clinics offering resources to help promote family health and well-being.

It has been through my work with Mommy Connections that I have come to learn about and meet so many highly knowledgably, skilled professionals in their fields. I have discovered local experts on nutrition, chiropractic, massage and other various paediatric services.

Had it not been through my work in organizing classes, whereby I invite these experts in to present to a group of moms I’ve assembled, I may never have learned of them.

One such expert who has presented at my Mom & Baby program is Dr. Dina Eino of bNatural Health & Wellness Centre, located at 2640 Bristol Circle, Unit #500 in Oakville.

Dr. Dina has spoken on natural ways to help babies and young children alleviate cold and flu symptoms.

Her warm approach has moms feel at ease when asking questions about health and what she recommends in their unique situation. Her wellness centre offers a variety of services ranging from holistic nutrition and food allergy testing to acupuncture and registered massage therapy.

bNatural Health & Wellness Centre is a natural health clinic which fosters an environment of Hope and Acceptance. Our focus is on helping families attain and maintain health

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