Layered Granola Berry Parfait

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An easy, portable, make-ahead, and totally delicious breakfast that your kids will actually eat? It’s not a trick, just layers of silky-thick yogurt, plump fresh fruit and whatever granola you prefer. You can even use frozen berries because there are no rules here.


Granola (homemade or your fave store-bought)
Plain or vanilla Greek yogurt
Fresh or frozen (thawed) berries


Spoon granola into a tall, fancy glass.

Then spoon in some yogurt, followed by some berries.

Repeat the layers until the glass is full.

Serve immediately, with a long spoon if you have one.


Young kids will love spooning granola and yogurt into a tall glass, then dropping in some berries—no matter how it goes in, it will taste delicious, and kids will be proud to have made it themselves.

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