Spaghetti and meatballs head

By Susan Rogers on September 17, 2013
Your child can be a plate of walking pasta thanks to this creative costume idea.

You'll need:

1 16”x16” piece of red and white checked fabric
1 spool of white (or glow-in-the-dark) plastic lacing
1 plastic plate and fork
flour and water
1 packet of brown pompoms
brown acrylic paint
white glue
spray varnish
used white or yellow candle


1. Fold gingham fabric into a triangle. Wrap the kerchief around your head (or whoever is wearing the costume) and tie the corners into a knot at the back. Fasten the plate on top of the kerchief where it will sit on the head. We made two holes in the bottom of the plate where a head band would sit, and pushed bobby pins through the plate and the fabric and into the hair to hold it in place. Untie the kerchief with the plate attached and lay flat.

2. Cut random lengths of plastic lacing no longer than 20 inches in length.

3. Pour white glue into a ceramic bowl and pull each piece of lacing through the glue using your fingers to guide it and “squeegying” some of the excess glue off at the same time. Messy but fun. This will allow the lacing to stiffen and keep its shape as you create your plateful of spaghetti.

4. Let the glue-covered plastic lacing curl into its natural shape onto the centre of the plate to resemble a piece of spaghetti. Continue this process until you have a big pile of “noodles” on the plate. Let dry.

5. To make the “meat sauce”, mix flour, water and brown paint together until you have a texture and colour that looks like the real thing. (It will be darker in colour when the sauce dries). Spoon over the top of your spaghetti. Let dry.

6. To make the meatballs, drop brown pompoms into your meat sauce mixture and massage into the pompom. Place your pompom meatballs on top of the meat sauce as desired. Let dry. Grate candle and sprinkle on top like cheese.

7. Spray finished spaghetti, meat sauce, cheese and plate with varnish being careful to protect the fabric.

8. Place a plastic fork near the edge of the plate and glue in position.

Just add: a red checked shirt and some black leggings and you’ll be the best looking dish on the street.

Originally published in ParentsCanada magazine, October 2013.

By Susan Rogers| September 17, 2013

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