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Yuzu Blueberry Sorbet Cake

This indulgent yuzu blueberry sorbet cake is a dairy-free riff on ice cream cake. Don’t be intimidated by the 2½ hours it takes to make this recipe—most of that time is hands-off while the cake is freezing, leaving you plenty of time to chill, too.

Creamy Gnocchi Soup

You know pillowy gnocchi covered in sauce or sautéed with sage, but do you know it in soup? Creamy, rich and delicious, the gnocchi in this soup is filling enough to be a meal in itself. 

Warm Greek Chicken Salad

Greek salad is a lot of things. Crisp romaine, briny feta, bursting tomatoes and salty bites of olive with crunchy onion in a lemon-y dressing, for starters. Forget how you're used to Greek salad and try moving it to the sheet pan with this easy chicken adaption that the whole family will love.

15 kid-friendly picnic recipes

A picnic can be as simple or elaborate as you like. We've sourced our favourite kid-friendly recipes so the whole family can enjoy dining al fresco.

BLT Hot Dogs

Oh, you didn't know? BLT meets hot dog and falls in love. The result is classic BLT garnish laying proudly on a grilled hot dog, held together with a squishy bun.

Smoky Sweet Potato and Carrot Fries with Roasted Red Pepper Dipping Sauce

Orange vegetables, including sweet potato and carrot, are excellent sources of beta carotene, which the body uses to make vitamin A. Vitamin A is crucial for our eyes, our reproductive systems and our immune systems. And also, these sweet potato and carrot fries are delicious! Serve with Flavour-Packed Veggie...

Flavourful Veggie-Packed Beef Burgers

Have your burger and lots of veggies, too! If you want to up your healthy grilling game this year, this is the recipe to try. These beef burgers are full of flavour thanks to grated veg, are gluten- and dairy-free and help the whole family increase their veggie intake for the day.

Cold Fruits Smoothie Bowl

This smoothie bowl recipe works for fruit-cravers, fruit-and-vegetable evaders and everyone in between. It’s cold and sweet but also nutty and oaty, and you can stuff in a handful of spinach or kale without changing the taste (although the colour will be less attractive). Frozen raspberries add hits of tartness, and the more toppings, the better.

Chocolate Chip Banana Cake

This is a sort of magic cake. First, because there’s an alchemy that happens between bananas and chocolate when they hang out together and, second, because it never seems to totally freeze and when you have a “hangry” sweet tooth, you can eat it right out of the freezer.

Red Pepper Basil Egg Cups

Fast snack and breakfast recipes you can eat with one hand are key for parenting life! These egg cups are great because they have what convenience foods are so often missing -- protein! This breakfast (or breakfast for dinner!) recipe comes together quickly, with ingredients that require zero pre-cooking,...

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