Winter is in our DNA as Canadians, but that doesn’t mean winter driving isn’t tricky. That’s why we’ve partnered with CAA to bring you expert tips and tricks for hitting the road with confidence in the cold weather months. Their best-in-class roadside assistance is exactly the peace of mind you need when the mercury dips. Bonus: We’ve also got great ideas for saving time and money through CAA Rewards®, just in time for the holiday season.

Be Winter Wise: How CAA Gives Peace of Mind to Parents

As we head into the cold winter months, ’tis the season for chilly roadside situations. Read on for how CAA can keep you and your family safe and get you back on the road again.

Smart Winter Driving Safety Tips from the Experts

There’s more to staying safe on the roads in the winter months than just being extra cautious. Being prepared and learning how to adjust your driving habits to the season can go a long way to help keep you and your family protected.

Let CAA Help You with Your Holiday Shopping

It’s all about the perks. Read on for how CAA can help you save on holiday shopping. Plus, learn how you can give 365 days of peace of mind to anyone on your gift list.

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