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How to tell if a late walker is a cause for concern

Is your kiddo taking his time moving from crawling to walking? Don't fret just yet.

How to curb your fussy eater

Got a picky eater on your hands? Registered dietitian Jill Wallace offers the tips to ensure mealtime goes off without a hitch.

How to nurture your toddler’s creative side

Expose your children to different situations and mediums for inspiration. A box of crayons is a good start, but here’s how to go further.

Toddler talk and late talkers

Our youngest was a little later to the party, and although he speaks in sentences LOUDLY and FREQUENTLY, 95% of those sentences are indistinguishable chatter.
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Tips for raising a multilingual child

If you’re concerned that exposing your children to multiple languages as toddlers will affect their speech or comprehension when starting school, don’t worry.

What to do when your little one is slow to potty-train

Parents, remember how important it is not to shame or punish your children about bedwetting or accidents. Be patient.

Dealing with the clingy toddler

Patience is critical during the toddler stage – the toddler needs to learn it, and the parent needs to have endless reserves of it.

Nutrients that boost your child’s brain development

Encouraging our kids to eat healthy is important to that growth and development. Knowing where to start helps, so here are four nutrients your toddler needs.

Can you potty-train in three days?

The three-day method requires scheduling three days of no plans at home and watching your child for signs.

The benefits of singing with your toddler

Why singing to your baby is good for both of you.

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