Dr. Marla Shapiro


Ask Dr. Marla: Stomach ache causes

My 10-year-old daughter often complains of stomach aches. She doesn’t seem to have any other physical symptoms. Could it be related to stress?

Why Does My Toddler Drool Non-Stop?

Do you have a drooling toddler on your hands? Dr. Marla Shapiro has answers for you.

Why do I have bright red cheeks during pregnancy?

There are a lot of reasons why you might experience red, rosy cheeks during your pregnancy.

Ask Dr Marla: What to expect with the first period

My 10-year-old is starting to get moody and sometimes complains of abdominal cramps. Is she too young to be getting her first period? What should I expect?

Ask Dr. Marla: Why to wear a bike helmet

How do I get my eight-year-old to wear a bike helmet when none of his friends do? Is it really going to do much if he falls?

Tips to dealing with the dreaded summer cold

It’s finally warm weather but your whole family is nursing a cold. What gives? We asked a doctor for the best ways to treat and cope with a summer cold.

Ask Dr. Marla: Adults and measles immunity

I understand vaccines can wear off in some adults. How do I tell if I need a booster shot for measles?

Ask Dr. Marla: Why Rs are hard to say

It is one of the later sounds that many children develop and it is not unusual to still have some difficulty at age five.

Ask Dr. Marla: Finding a new doctor after you move

We’re moving to another city in Canada. What ’s the best way to find a new family doctor?

Ask Dr. Marla: Vaccinations for travellers

With any travel, you should see your health care professional in advance to review your vaccines and what is recommended or required for the area you are going to be in.