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Is a waterbirth right for you?

While there is little research about waterbirths and their benefits, many women agree; water provides a relaxing environment in which to not only labour, but also deliver.

The Rundown on C-sections

Here's everything you need to know about giving birth via a C-section. 

Relaxation and breathing techniques

Familiarize yourself with breathing and relaxation techniques that will allow you and your partner to get in touch with your body and your needs.

Tips for caring for near-term babies

Babies born between 37 and 38 weeks are considered early-term. These babies do not face the same difficulties as preemies but they are not full term.

The latest trends in birthing

Two registered midwives give us the scoop.

What you should know before being induced

If you’re looking for ways to induce labour you can try several things at home, including natural herbs or even sex!

What to bring to the hospital

The moment of truth has arrived.  Do you know where your labour bag is? 

32 top tips for a smooth pregnancy

Here are some great tips to make sure your pregnancy is a smooth one!

Hypnobirthing: A different pain-relief method

HypnoBirthing involves visualization, breathing, and relaxation techniques that replace pain medications. 

Birthing positions

As bearing down approaches, women tend to get closer to the ground: kneeling, squatting or moving onto all fours.

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