Nancy Levy, RN, MS


What happens in the last weeks and days of pregnancy

Congrats! You're in your ninth month of pregnancy, and you could go into labour at any time. Here's what to expect in the last days of your pregnancy.

The first and second stages of labour

You’ve been waiting for this day for 40 weeks. You’re finally – ouch! – in labour. Here’s what to expect at every stage of the process.

The first stage of labour

You've been pregnant for months, as your unborn baby has grown and developed. Now, it's time for the baby to be born, and you're in labour. The first stage of labour involves dilation (opening) and effacement (thinning and shortening) of the cervix, as your body prepares for the baby's...

The second stage of labour

1/2 hour to 2 or more hours During the second stage of labour, the cervix dilates fully and the baby is born! You may: Have a renewed sense of energy and excitement. Need to regroup after the intensity of transitional labour. ...

The third and fourth stages of labour

THIRD STAGE – 5 to 30 minutes During the third stage of labour, the placenta is born. You may: Need a few minutes to collect yourself before focusing on your baby. Be surprised by the baby’s appearance – the body a bloody, greyish-purple colour, covered...

Getting Closer: Active & Transitional Labour

Active labour follows the first stage. It involves the continued dilation (opening) of the cervix. Active Labour - 3 to 5 hours During active labour, the cervix dilates to four to seven centimetres. You May: Wake up in active labour if you slept through the early, first stage. ...