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How to handle your child’s first injuries

Dealing with your child's first injury can be stressful. A little know-how will help get you through. 

Choosing a home-based daycare for your child

Get tips and advice on what to look for if you are choosing a licensed home-based daycare for your child

Top Internet Safety Tips for parents and kids

helpful online safety tips from Norton

How to: Keep your child safe on their portable devices

Cell phones and mobile devices require just as much prudence as a computer would; don’t forget that many of the same functions performed on laptops can now be found on cell phones as well.

Risks on the Internet: is your child sharing unprotected information?

Your child may not understand the implications of posting on the Internet, or copying a few sentences from a website; simple things such as file or music downloads could be a risk if they are not performed carefully. Ensure that yours is the child who has a commendable digital reputation by reading more.

Bullying: The online predator affecting our youth

Technology gives our children more ways to connect, socialize, and create than ever before. Unfortunately, some kids use email, instant messaging, cell phone photos and text messages to embarrass or bully other children. Also, kids’ digital messages can be edited to change the meaning, then forwarded to other kids to embarrass, intimidate, or insult. 

Cybercrime: Online dangers for your children

Many people do not realize or choose to ignore the growing issue of cybercrime; it is important for adults and children to understand the connotations of cybercrime.

Internet Safety: Don’t throw away your privacy!

Simple things like choosing a complicated password or securing your wireless network can go a long way for maintaining your privacy and your children’s.

Internet Safety: Taking care of your children 101

Ensure your children have the latest facts on safe browsing, identity theft, and how to keep their digital photos private

Internet Safety: The key to learning about your child’s online life

Have you ever wondered what your child gets up to on their laptops or cell phones every day? Do you ever ask that question “what are you doing?” and receive a less than satisfactory response from your teen? Now is the time to approach the elusive subject of the Internet in a non-confrontational way.

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