Jane Bradley

Jane Bradley
Jane Bradley is the founder of Jane Media Inc. and the owner/ publisher of ParentsCanada and Private School Guide. She is a mom of two boys.

First Things First – Take Care of Yourself at Ste. Anne’s Spa

When I’m tired, exhausted or stressed, I automatically think about a getaway to a spa. (It’s also my first recommendation when a friend or family member tells me they’re stressed out!). I have learned over the years that sometimes we just need a little self-care, and that putting ourselves first with...

Here’s why Ste. Anne’s Spa should be your next kid-free getaway

Fancy a special mini getaway without the kids? Ste. Anne's Spa is calling your name.

Beaches Resort Turks & Caicos – My Happy Place

For our publisher Jane Bradley, Beaches Resort in Turks & Caicos is paradise. And for families with Sesame Street-loving tots, we’re pretty sure you’ll agree.

Walt Disney World travel tips

Despite Walt Disney World being a mecca for kids and kids at heart, ‘Doing Disney’ is not child’s play. But with some planning, you can pull off a no-stress, fun-filled trip to Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Here’s how:

When corporate meets conservation – A win win

Judging by the number of cat and dog videos on YouTube, people clearly love and care for animals, sometimes more than our fellow humans. In fact, when we hear about animals being orphaned, slicked over by big oil tankers, or caught in floating garbage, we first get angry – then we want to know how we can help.

Learning the signs and symptoms of infant hearing loss

Here's how to know what to do.

Parenting lessons from my husband

Parenting did not come naturally to me. But, in a world of helicopter moms and bubble wrapped kids, I have figured out how to be a good mom with some help from my husband.