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Simple Sun-Dried Tomato Hummus

If you love the rich flavour of tomatoes, you will love this simple sun–dried tomato hummus. It's infused with oregano and fresh lemon for flavour and a kick of brightness. Bring it to parties, picnics, road trips, and everywhere in between.

Spicy Asian Chicken Wings

Whether it's for dinner, an appetizer or to bring to the party, these sweet and spicy chicken wings do not disappoint. 

Roasted chickpeas

These tasty treats are easy to make in minutes. All you need is an inexpensive can of chickpeas, a bit of oil and some spices. They're addictive as a snack and are great in place of croutons in a salad or to top a bowl of soup. 

Two-Bite Frittatas

Not only are single serving frittatas a handy way to nibble protein and veggies—they’re perfect for toddlers as well.

10 recipe projects to make as a family

There's something special about family working together in the kitchen. You can make amazing homemade creations, you just need a bit of time. These recipe projects range from easy to a bit challenging, but they're all worth the labour. 

Pizza Beans

Perfect for a crowd but worthy of the effort of a meal at home, these are the beans of your dreams. Delicious, tomatoey, packed with veggies (we see you, kale) and a healthy dose of melty cheese, pizza beans for life!

How to make the perfect cheese platter

Not just for holidays, a cheese platter or charcuterie board is a friend you want by your side year-round. Here's how to create a legendary cheese one. 

Cheesy baked broccoli bites

You know there are ingredients that, by their very nature, are more likely to get a “yuck!” We’re aiming to change that. Take broccoli: There’s no way your kiddos can turn up their noses at these crispy, cheesy nibbles.

Asian salmon rice cakes with kimchi mayo

These Asian themed Salmon cakes are crispy, moist and tender.  Perfect for a light dinner or lunch.

Crispy coconut chicken tenders

Deliciously moist chicken tenders breaded with gluten free panko and coconut, then baked to crispy perfection.  A perfect easy weeknight option your whole family will love.

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