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Top-Your-Own Crostini the Whole Family Will Love

These “little toasts” can be topped with anything, and are fun for little fingers to assemble.

Irish soda bread with cardamom

St. Patrick's Day is the season for Irish soda loaves - being more immediate than yeast-leavened breads, they don’t require waiting for dough to rise, nor any particular baking prowess when it comes time to shape and bake.

18 recipe projects to make as a family

There's something special about a family working together in the kitchen. You can make amazing homemade creations, you just need a bit of time. These recipe projects range from easy to a bit more challenging, but they're all worth the work. Especially when it comes time to eat.

Broccoli Pesto

If you can’t pass off broccoli as tasty ‘trees’ or douse it in enough cheese sauce to make your kids like it, try roasting then blitzing it into an irresistible pesto. Roasting rids it of any cabbagey bitterness, making it sweeter and nuttier.  This sauce goes well on everything from pasta to chicken, hot or cold.

Butternut Squash Latkes

These tender, savoury pancakes are a quick, tasty way to cook up squash; serve them as is, or alongside roasted meat or fish.

Kale Chips

Tossing kale with oil and salt and cooking at high heat produces crispy, nutty kale ‘chips’ that smell like popcorn and have the crunch of potato chips.

Alison Roman’s Labne with Sizzled Scallions and Chile

Think of this as highbrow ranch. Scalliony oil gets sizzled with cilantro stems and swirled into thick, lemony labne. It's *one* of Alison Roman's greatest hits.

14 entertaining recipes to make you the host with the most

Who is the host with the most? With these delicious and totally-worthy-of-the-entertainment-spread recipes, you are.

Fried Pickles

Tangy, salty, and crispy—this recipe makes enough for a small group of people, so double or triple the recipe for a crowd.

How to make the perfect cheese board

Not just for holidays, a cheese platter or charcuterie board is a friend you want by your side year-round. Here's how to create a legendary cheese situation.

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