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What are some exciting slow cooker recipes to try that aren’t chili or stew?

slow cooker recipes - soup

If your family doesn’t love the basic slow cooker chili or stew, there are still plenty of other delicious and versatile slow cooker recipes to change things up. Here are some ideas to help you make the most of this game-changing appliance:

Pulled pork or chicken

Slow cook beef, pork shoulder or chicken breasts with your favourite barbecue sauce or marinade until tender and easily shreddable. Serve the pulled meat on buns for sandwiches, in tacos, over rice or on top of salads for a flavourful and versatile meal.


Lasagna isn’t just a Sunday supper dish. Did you know your slow cooker is also a perfect lasagna maker?

Pot roast

While technically similar to stew, pot roast has a different texture that your family might enjoy. Slow cook a beef roast with potatoes, carrots, onions and beef broth until tender and flavourful.

Soup or broth

While not quite stew, a hearty soup or flavourful broth can still be satisfying and comforting.


You don’t need a barbeque to make delicious ribs. Your slow cooker provides the perfect cooking conditions for this fall-off-the-bone dinner staple.


Don’t forget about dessert! Your slow cooker can also be used to make decadent desserts like bread pudding, apple crisp or chocolate lava cake.

Slow cooker recipes are abundant. By exploring all that your slow cooker has to offer, you’ll soon discover new favourite recipes your family will love.