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Swing by Munchkin

Some babies only nap when rocked or held – which is downright exhausting for sleep-deprived moms and dads. When you need a second or third set of arms to get through the day, Munchkin’s Bluetooth enabled Swing is here for you!

A study in sleek functionality and smart design, this baby swing has a compact silhouette that’s easy to put together and break down again. It recreates the calming side-to-side swaying motion most babies love, making it the next best thing to being cradled in your arms. The included remote lets you control everything from the speed and timer to the selection of calming sounds. Soothe your mini impresario with classical music from Bach, Beethoven, Mozart and Chopin, or one of eight ambient sounds. Since the swing is Bluetooth® compatible, you can connect to your phone and stream baby’s favorite tunes, too! 

At under 10 pounds, this lightweight infant swing conveniently disassembles into two parts, so you can store it away in tight spots -- even under the bed! And since it's so easy to pack down, it's also perfect for transporting to grandma’s house, on vacation, or simply room to room at home. Time to reclaim your arms -- and your sanity!


  • Emulates parents’ natural side-to-side sway in 5 distinct speeds
  • Bluetooth enabled to play your child's favourite music from your phone
  • Touchscreen display is smart, intuitive and easy to use
  • Lightweight and portable – Easy to put together and pack down in seconds for simple storage or transport
  • For babies between 5-20 lbs. who cannot sit up or climb out of swing unassisted
  • Seat pad and head support are machine washable and reversible for convenience
  • Modern, minimal design in a neutral grey palette
  • Includes remote control to operate swing speed, sounds and timer

Age: Suitable for ages birth to 9 months or up to 20 pounds 

Price: $280 CAD

Where to buy: babiesrus.ca, bedbathandbeyond.ca, amazon.ca

Camilia®, from the Boiron’s Baby Line

Relieving baby’s teething: understanding it and coping with it

A trial time for parents, teething, generally accompanied with fussiness, is not only uncomfortable but may also be painful. However, there are various solutions to help moms and dads deal with this stage and make it a less painful process for their infant.

Teething usually starts around 6 months1. A natural phase in the development of the infant, it can be a difficult time to go through. But what is teething? What is the cause of teething and how can parents offer relief to their infant?

Teething can extend into a long period presenting multiple phases

Teething is a long phase starting at around 6 months, lasting up to around 36 months2. As a result, it is crucial to know and understand the symptoms properly and know how to cope with this painful stage.

Baby’s teething symptoms and tips to sooth them

According to naturopathic Doctor Stephanie Yaremko3, teething symptoms are easy to recognize. Painful gums, restlessness, irritability, diarrhea, rosy cheeks, excessive drooling and nighttime wakefulness are sure signs of baby starting the teething process. Dr. Yaremko suggests the following tips to help your child go through these symptoms: use a silicone teether to chew on, massage the gums with a semi-frozen washcloth, give puree ice cubes by using a mesh feeder, make your child feel more secure (double the cuddling and lots of nursing) and change the diaper more frequently and use a good diaper cream to prevent diaper rash4.

Homeopathic medicine used for the relief of pain, restlessness, irritability and diarrhea due to teething.

Discover Camilia®*: a great solution to relieve baby’s teething ailments

A solution recommended by Dr. Yaremko, this homeopathic medicine was developed by Boiron, specifically for babies and toddlers aged 1 to 30 months. It contains no sugar, no colouring, and no preservatives, is benzocaine-free and the only non-medicinal ingredient is purified water. Available in drinkable pre-measured unit doses which are easy to use, Camilia® is a great solution to offer comfort and relief to your little one’s symptoms related to teething.

For additional information: Camilia for the relief of pain due to teething | Boiron Canada

Going through baby’s teething is not always easy. But when parents have the right tools, information and good solutions, going through this period can be become a truly memorable and bonding experience.

RECOMMENDED AGE:  1 to 30 months

PRICE:  15 doses - $11 CAD, 30 doses - $17 CAD, 60 doses - $29 CAD

WHERE TO BUY: boiron.ca, Amazon.ca

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* This homeopathic medicine may not be suitable for everyone. Always read and follow the label.


1-2 Quick Facts: Teething - MSD Manual Consumer Version (msdmanuals.com)

3 Dr. Stephanie Yaremko — Grassroots Naturopathic Medicine

4 https://youtu.be/9W-lmObxL8Q - Video – Help! My baby is teething webinar – The webinar Wellness Parenting Tips series – 2020 


Tidy Dry Drying Rack

Cute, compact, and clutter free

Designed with a minimal footprint and maximum practicality, the Tidy Dry Drying Rack keeps baby bottles, parts and pacifiers from consuming the kitchen after you wash! With a smart vertical design and clips to hold bottles at just the right angle for drying, this compact rack is the perfect match for limited counter space.

  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN: Angle clip design allows bottles to drip dry properly
  • AIR FLOW VENTILATION: Basket shelves maximize air flow ventilation for colic valves, pump parts, medicine droppers and more
  • STURDY BASE: Solid quality drying rack
  • EXTENDABLE TRAY: Serviceable tray base extends for additional items
  • Dedicated spots and slots keep everything in one place
  • Drip tray pulls out for more room when needed

Retail: $27

Where to buy:  amazon.ca, babiesrus.ca

TheraBurpee Colic & Fever Rescue Kit

Tummy tamer, fever reliever. TheraBurpee to the rescue!

Sometimes, no amount of cuddling does the trick to soothe your little one. Whether baby is teething, sick or colicky, you might both need a little extra comfort and support. TheraBurpee Colic and Fever Rescue Kit is here to help – the natural way!

These premium burp cloths are made of absorbent 100% cotton with specially-designed, built-in pockets that hold fabric-covered gel packs, which can be used for hot or cold therapy.

Try the soft hot pack on baby’s tummy - a natural, holistic remedy for colic symptoms or gas pain – or alleviate your own blocked milk ducts and nursing-related pain. Apply the cold pack to baby's face and chest to help reduce fever, or ice bruises and bumps. When snuggles aren’t enough, TheraBurpee works extra hard to help soothe all kinds of fussies – the natural way. TheraBurpee is the perfect registry gift - a must-have for any new parent!

  • The must-have item for any new parent: a multipurpose treatment kit that uses hot and cold therapy in combination with specially designed burp cloths to soothe a variety of baby ailments, particularly colic and fever
  • 100% cotton burp cloths with multiple built-in pockets that hold gel packs and allow localized treatment depending on the ailment
  • Harnesses natural remedies to provide relief – heat for colic and upset tummy, cold for temperatures, inflammation, and teething pain
  • 4 piece set: Includes 2 ultra soft contoured burp cloths, 2 hot and cold gel packs
  • Premium, fabric-covered gel packs are microwaveable and stay flexible when frozen
  • Safe to use with babies from birth
  • Great for nursing moms to ease breastfeeding ailments like blocked milk ducts or engorgement -- use TheraBurpee to heal both mom and baby at the same time.
  • Effective for easing minor bumps and bruises even after baby's outgrown the burping stage

Retail: $30

Where to buy:  amazon.ca, babiesrus.ca

Munchkin 37° Digital Bottle Warmer

Perfect temperature, every time.

Simplify bottle warming with Munchkin’s 37° Digital Bottle Warmer, which safely heats milk to body temperature, a.k.a. the perfect 37.0 degrees. It's easy and intuitive, with no water reservoir to fill or measurements to make. Just grab a prepped bottle from the fridge, twist it into the base, flip the unit and go! The one-touch digital display keeps track of a bottle’s temperature as it warms. Great for pumped breast milk and formula, this smart warmer comes with four adapters to securely fit most popular baby bottle brands. And it's compact too, because you don’t need more clutter on the countertop. Not too hot, not too cold -- the 37° Digital Bottle Warmer is always just right!

  • Heats breast milk or formula to 98.6 degree every time and will hold it at this temperature for 30 minutes
  • No confusing water tanks or measurements needed to get your baby bottle to the perfect temperature, every time
  • Includes 4 adapters to fit most major bottle brands. 
  • Fast and simple to use - just screw bottle directly into unit or fit with appropriate adapter for a secure, leak-proof fit. If using formula, mix thoroughly before warming
  • Compact base for clutter-free countertop - perfect for small kitchens
  • Press and hold start button for two seconds to start and stop unit. Unit must be plugged into an electrical outlet to operate.
  • Please refer to product video or instruction manual to ensure proper use

Retail: $60

Where to buy:  amazon.ca, babiesrus.ca

"Was easy to use, instructions were simple. I use Advent bottles so I did not need to use an adapter but they cover every bottle which is wicked cool! The temperature was always perfect from cold milk. Room temperature milk I'd have to wait for it to cool down a bit. I recommend this to all new momma's and wish I had it for my first son." - Jessica, N.

"Firstly the bottle warmer is small and compact, doesn’t take up much space at all in our baby drawer. It is extremely user friendly and heats the milk quickly and to the appropriate temperature for my baby. I prefer it to other bottle warmers by far."
- Melissa, V.

"Love that this does not require water to heat up. It is easy to use and does not take up much space. I definitely like it better then the one I was using before! I really have no complaints" - Tiffany, B.

"Easy to use, showed the temperature of the milk and took guesswork out of warming bottles." - Maryam, A.

"It heats up the bottle in a short time and so easy to use" - Rosanna

"This bottle warmer is amazing. It’s compact size makes it portable. It was very easy to clean as well." - Victoria, H.

"Munchkin 37 degree digital baby bottle warmer is such an amazing tool… I don’t have to guess when it is the right temperature and I don’t have to worry if there’s enough water like the other one. Love this! Heats so quickly! So easy to use! Compact! I wish I got this before my other bottle warmer." - Marian, S.

"Definitely makes my daily routine easier" - Tara, S.

8 Top Toy Picks for Big Kids

Your big kids—in the seven to 12 set—are the best age for cool toys (top toys you'll love, too!). They're old enough (and patient enough) to follow instructions, and their reactions are often the stuff of holiday memories. We've selected eight awesome gift ideas from national retailers for this age bracket, from a buildable chess set to an at-home archaeological dig. VTech KidiZoom PrintCam Digital Camera Remember the Polaroids you tucked into your bathroom mirror or taped to your locker door? Welcome to the 2021 version. This camera comes programmed with fun editing options and houses a roll of paper to print up to 80 images. $93, bestbuy.ca LEGO 2-in-1 Iconic Checkers This is a really a three-in-one gift if you ask us. This set includes 1500 pieces to build the board and the playing pieces (activity number one) and, once its built, you can spend hours playing chess or checkers (activities two and three!). Winter break games day, anyone? $140, amazon.ca The Young Scientist Club Space Adventure Pack For little space lovers, this STEM-based present is perfection. This backpack is chockfull of excitement, with 13 out-of-this-world activities, from exploring the constellations to building a model of the solar system. They don’t call it an adventure pack for nothing. $30, chapters.indigo.ca Spirograph Animator It’s the spirograph you know and love but with a new spin (pun intended). Kiddos will create designs on the new, back-lit animator platform and then watch them come to life. It also works with other spirograph sets if your household has already been introduced to this timeless toy. $35, mastermindtoys.com   Magic Mixies Interactive Cauldron If you see this toy online or in stores—Scoop. It. Up. One of the hottest items of the season, kids can mix up a magic potion to create their own mystical pet. The cauldron will produce real mist as little sorcerers add ingredients, plus the resulting Magic Mixie will react to touch and respond to the included wand. $199, amazon.ca Once Upon a Fairy Fairy Finder First we had fairy doors and fairy gardens. Now we have fairy finders. These sweet jars allow kids to gather virtual fairies, with more than 100+ to collect. Each jar can also be paired with an app, so kids can talk to and interact with the fairies in their collections. $55, canadiantire.ca Smithsonian Super Dig Dinosaur fans and budding archaeologists alike will be into this excavation kit. It comes with two blocks for at-home digs, featuring a replica skeleton of a T. Rex and a selection of rocks and minerals. $50, toysrus.ca The Coconut Play Couch Just watch your big kids get creative with this modular play couch. The pieces fit together in more combinations than you could possibly imagine, to keep your crew busy for hours. We also love that this top toy is Canadian-made, durable, machine washable and available in a host of different colours. $489, gococonut.ca  

Children’s Education Trust of Canada RESPs

A Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) is a smart and effective way to save for your child’s post-secondary education. Since 1991, Children’s Education Funds Inc. (CEFI) has helped Canadian families fulfill their savings goals to Nurture The Dreams of their children’s post-secondary education. CEFI offers the Children’s Education Trust of Canada RESPs – a group of three RESPs, each tailored to your family's needs. 

Did you know that the Canadian Government offers Government Grants for those with RESPs?

CEFI’s trained Dealing Representatives will assist your family every step of the way to ensure that you apply to receive all the Government Grants that you are eligible to receive in your RESP. CEFI will answer any questions that you might have and make the process as smooth as possible. Plus, contributions made into any of the Children's Education Trust of Canada RESPs are eligible to earn AIR MILES Reward Miles® 


*No purchase necessary to enter the Contest. Full Contest Rules are available at www.cefi.ca/give-the-gift

All Rights Reserved, ® TM Trademarks of AM Royalties Limited Partnership used under licence by LoyaltyOne, Co. and Children’s Education Funds Inc.

Go Coconut Play Couch

Are you sometimes finding it challenging to come up with fresh ways to keep kids busy? You certainly aren't the only ones! If this challenge seems close to your reality, the Coconut play couch is certainly the solution to your home concern. Highlighted across several media outlets across Canada such as Global News, La Presse and The Peak magazine, this company is loved not only by kids, but also their parents! Here are a few reasons why!

Measuring 30" deep and 60" long, the Coconut is made of 4 modular pieces. The Coconut’s bases are made of double cushions each 5 inches thick, designed of equal height for better build sturdiness and broader construction options. The beams are made of equal length to the width of its bases, while also featuring an innovative flat top! This allows them to be used as comfortable back rests, but also as columns and bridges for kids to further create and enjoy their playtime.

Why choose Go Coconut?

1. Proudly manufacturing in Canada from A to Z

Standing up for its neighbors is an important part of Go Coconut’s mission. Created in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, this company has focused all its efforts on supporting other small Canadian businesses by sourcing locally, hiring local workers, and making sure that every aspect of production remains local.

2. Quality & durability

Made with extra durable micro velveteen fabric designed for upholstery usage, the Coconut’s covers have a non-slip quality that will hold builds steadily in place, while also being easily machine washable. Filled with Certi-Pur high-density foam with an ILD of 60, the Coconut play couch is designed to support years of rough kid’s play!

3. Versatility

Gone are the days of purchasing new toys every week to keep your children interested; the Coconut will be played with each and every single day! You only have to check the product reviews on their website, they speak for themselves! The Coconut also hides a secret function if your have guests staying overnight! By laying 2 Coconuts side by side on the floor, you will obtain a perfect fit for any Queen size bed sheets! Whether you are hosting a sleepover party or simply because guests are staying over, this product has you covered!

4. Best customer experience

Go Coconut also prides itself on the quality of its customer experience from beginning to end. Because they manufacture everything themselves locally in Laval Quebec, Go Coconut allows its customers to customize their orders at will! Whatever you are looking for, they have you covered; from personalizing your order with a personal message or your colour preferences by mix & matching them, to designing you a personalized poster for your own playroom. And if you reach out on social media or by email with a question, Go Coconut’s customer service will reply within the day, and will go out of their way to make sure you are satisfied.


Recommended Age: 1-8 years old 

Where to buy: $489,  gococonut.ca 

BUY NOW and get $20 off! Discount Code is PARENTS20. 

Sponsored by Go Coconut 

The Polysleep Baby Mattress

The Polysleep Baby Mattress is the perfect mattress for your little one. With a unique size (27"¼ x 52" x 6") it uses the Polysleep Premium Open-Cell Foam. Measuring 6", it provides perfect airflow, support, and comfort that your baby needs to sleep soundly every night. The Organic Breathable Cover Tencel® offers a high-performance eco-friendly solution. It is softer than silk and cooler than linen, you'll sleep better when baby sleeps better. The cover is also waterproof to prevent any accidents from happening. The Polysleep Baby Mattress relieves pressure during nap time, thanks to their open-cell foam which helps your baby have a better alignment while sleeping.

Temperature Regulation  

The Polysleep Baby Mattress Premium Foam keeps your baby warm when its colder outside and cools down during the warmer months. 

Organic Cover Tencel® 

The Polysleep Baby Mattress Tencel™ cover is soft, organic, biodegradable, and offers a high-performance eco-friendly solution that is more absorbent than cotton. 

Ventilated Mesh 

The mesh around the Polysleep Baby Mattress helps the air to circulate even better, to maintain an ideal temperature for your baby. 

Supportive Foam 

The Polysleep Baby Mattress open-cell foam offers better support and comfort than regular memory foam. Helping with proper alignment leading to better posture. 


The Polysleep Baby Mattress cover is waterproof but still breathable! It prevents any incidents that might happen. 

Free Relax Melodies app trial 

Polysleep has partnered with their friends Relax Melodies to offer an even better sleep experience. With any purchase, enjoy an extended 30-night trial of their Premium sleep app for free! Find out the best sleep sounds and stories for you and for your baby. You can download it after you checkout on the Polysleep website. 











Founded in 2016 and proudly Canadian, Polysleep is a leading Canadian mattress company driven by the desire to offer the best possible sleeping solutions for a balanced life. Available online and 100% locally made, Polysleep offers high-quality products considering your expectations and sleeping demands as a priority while contributing to the local economy's influence and reducing environmental impact.  

Unlike other brands on the market focused only on the surface, affecting the quality of your sleep, Polysleep is the only Canadian brand that genuinely cares about your sleeping needs, providing you with the best sleep performance through smart and innovative solutions such as their unique support frame, antimicrobial foam, or recovery technology, allowing to have a more efficient restorative sleep. 

As a business with the purpose to change the world for the better through sleep, for every 10 mattresses sold, Polysleep donates 1 mattress to a person in need collaborating with hundreds of charities across Canada, supporting local initiatives on behalf of the community and the environment.



  • Recommended Age: from newborn until age 3 or until the baby is ready to make the crib-to-bed transition. 

Yamaha Music School Markham

Discover the unique advantages of the Yamaha Music Education System at Yamaha Music School Markham.

Book a free consultation today!

Yamaha Music School Markham is the flagship Yamaha Music School location in Canada. The globally proven Yamaha Music Education System Curriculum is delivered in our new, state-of-the-art facility equipped with the latest Yamaha musical instruments.

Our hallmark is the program for young children, which emphasizes ear training and creativity. The curriculum includes a variety of activities, including singing, keyboard playing, sight playing, ensemble work, and music composition. Our students not only play repertoire, they are also well-rounded musicians who can improvise and create their own music.

The Yamaha Music Foundation has completed extensive research illustrating that a child’s ear develops most rapidly between the ages of four and six. Since hearing development is so closely related to learning music, this is the ideal time to start developing music skills.

While programs for young children are our foundation, we also offer group and private lessons for all ages.

Apple Course (2 yrs. old)

Music Wonderland (3-4 yrs. old)

Junior Music Course (4-5 yrs. old)

Young Musicians Course (6-8 yrs. old)

Piano Club (8-10 yrs. old)

Popular Music Course (6-adult).

Music Friends (6-10 yrs. old)

Piano Start (13+)

Private Lessons available for all ages (Piano, Drums, Guitar, Voice, Wind Instruments)


Structured Music Education System for Children & Adults 

Designed to meet the unique needs and developmental stages of each age group, Yamaha programs develop each student’s comprehensive musical ability in an environment that inspires a love of music and a lifetime of active music participation 

Yamaha develops musical skills with three fundamental principles:


In order for children to enjoy music and to absorb and understand the given material easily, we believe it is best to give them appropriate guidance in accordance with the degree of their physical and mental development. Based upon this concept of timely education, the Yamaha method introduces music fundamentals to children at the time when their hearing capabilities are rapidly developing.


Group lessons have many advantages that enable children to enjoy rich musical experiences such as making friends through music, developing cooperativeness and deepening understanding of music through participation in ensembles. For this purpose, Yamaha has adopted a method whereby students can listen and play in a group, learning music while enjoying it.

Emphasis on Creativity - LEARNING THROUGH CREATING

In order to enable students to develop their creative capabilities, it is important to help them develop the ability to express themselves by thinking freely. We hope to help them acquire and enhance sensitivity and imagination, which are both sources of creativity, through our comprehensive system of music education.



Discover the unique advantages of the Yamaha Music Education System at Yamaha Music School Markham.

Book a free consultation today!

To learn more about the Yamaha Music Education System or to find other Yamaha Music Schools across Canada, please refer to our School Locator.


Recommended Age - 2-102

Cost - $1,000 - $1,500 / school year

Made Possible With The Support Of Ontario Creates